Tigecycline (CAS:220620-09-7)

Product name: Tigecycline

CAS No.:220620-09-7

Molecule Formula:C29H39N5O8

Molecule Weight:585.64

Purity: 98.5%

Package: 25kg/drum

Description:Orange crystalline powder

Manufacture Standards:Enterprise Standard
Appearance Orange crystalline powder, odorless, hygroscopic Conforms
Solubility Soluble in N,n-dimethylformamide and water, sparingly soluble in Acetonitrile, slightly soluble in dichloromethane, almost insoluble in methanol Conforms
Identification IR: the map of the test samples should be consistent with the map of the reference Conforms
UV: at the max. absorption at 246nm and 350nm Conforms
In the chromatogram recorded under the content determination, the retention time of the principal peak of the test solution corresponds to the one in the chromatogram obtained with the standard solution Conforms
PH 7.0~8.5 7.9
Moisture 3.0% 1.9%
Residue on ignition 0.1% 0.04%
Heavy metals 20ppm <20ppm
Purity 98.5% 99.7%
                                      The Product Conforms to Enterprise Standard.