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Update time : 2016-10-04 17:02:54
【Quality】 Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2010, completed the preparation of the formal implementation on July 1
2010 version of "Chinese Pharmacopoeia" has been finished, will be China Medical Science and Technology Publishing House, July 1 this year, the formal implementation. "Chinese Pharmacopoeia" is the state in order to ensure drug quality control, to ensure safety in medicine to develop effective drugs according to the law code is the pharmaceutical development, production, operation, use and management must strictly comply with the statutory basis is the system of national drug standards core of international exchange and cooperation important. 2010 version of "Chinese Pharmacopoeia" is the new China was founded 60 years to organize the preparation of the ninth edition of Pharmacopoeia, the new version of pharmacopoeia pharmacopoeia in the summary calendar, based on domestic and international pharmaceutical standards for full use of resources in recent years, focusing on innovation and development, and realistically reflects the China's pharmaceutical industry and the level of clinical drug development status, in order to further strengthen drug supervision and management provides a strong technical support for. 2010 version of "Chinese Pharmacopoeia" is divided into three publications, one for the traditional Chinese medicine, two chemical drugs, biological products for the three. 2010 version of "Chinese Pharmacopoeia" collection contains more than 4,600 varieties of species, of which more than 1,300 new species, covering the national essential medicines list species and varieties of national health insurance directory.